Friday, May 04, 2007

Poetry Moment

The trick she said is keeping
the table empty enough
for God, whether you expect him for lunch or not.

-from “On Being Asked Have you ever written about Jacqui’s paintings?” by Lance Larsen, which appears in In All Their Animal Brilliance.

I love this little tidbit from one of Lance’s poems. It speaks to me deeply about the yearning for inspiration in my writing. It’s such a dance, keeping my mind empty and loose so that I can make an artist’s connections, while still keeping discipline in my life and work. The trick is to know what stage I’m at in creation, and which attitude to put myself in. The yoga and meditation is helping me be more receptive in my life in general. I see the fact that yoga came into my life at this time as one of God’s tender mercies. I can’t imagine how I’d be coping with this illness (yes, it still continues) without it.

BTW, I got a personalized rejection today, inviting future queries. Worth celebrating, no?

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greenfrog said...


After responding last night to your comments on my blog, I took some time reviewing yours and (re-)discovered that you're in Salt Lake valley. On trips out there, I've shopped around a bit with yoga studios. There was one that I liked a lot -- I think it was Soma Yoga -- but it's been several years since I went there, and I think the place may have changed hands since then. At any rate, it seemed to have the magical combination of both teachers and students who were committed to deepening their practice.

(this all, of course, reminds me that it's time I got myself back to SLC to visit friends and hunt for new yoga studios. ;-))

be well.