Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Sage is a summer morning jog, when the sprinkler water is hitting the cement and the sky is wide.

Jasmine is a hot bath and then buttery sheets.

Lilac is a combination of those two feelings. The thing I love about lilac is that it is the essence of freshness, outdoors, and yet it has a little bit of the jawline skin of someone you love mixed in. It's intimate without being closed. It says hope, renewal, life more abundant: spring.


Marj said...

I LOVE the smell of lilacs. I wish they were in bloom longer. It is one of my favorite smells (2nd to Christmas pine boughs)

c jane said...

I have been cutting fresh lilacs everyday to keep my house smelling like all those adjectives you used in this post. I hear you.

Jennifer B. said...