Saturday, April 28, 2007

Yikes! My doctor reads my blog!

So get this . . .

I go to my doctor for a little visit. The first thing he says when he walks in is, "I have a confession to make."

Turns out, his briefcase got stolen and he was worried about identity theft (his own, I assume). So he googled his name and found my post about him here.

I said, "Well, you can't complain about what I said about you, can you?"

I don't know how much of the blog he read. I doubt he read much--it doesn't seem the kind of thing to interest a guy like him. But, blogging is blogging, you know, and I've never been much of a private person. I'm not ashamed of anything I've written.

So, anyway, the moral of this story is, be careful what you say . . . you never know who is reading. (Hi, Dr. G. You should have left a comment, you know?)

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