Friday, April 20, 2007


You can read three of my poems (including the "boob job" one you've been waiting for) over at Segullah. Click here:, then click on "Read Segullah" at the top left. Select "Current Issue." You'll see my poems near the bottom of the table of contents on the right side of the screen. Let me know what you think.


Jennifer B. said...

I read them earlier this week and just read them again. I love all three, Darlene! "Angels of Mercy" made me smile--what a predicament! I can just see the dutiful R.S. sisters "clutching covered casseroles" as they grudgingly approach the door.

The description and imagery in "Moonbright," wowed me, especially the werewolf chained by the moon and this phrase:
"A scraping whine,
a sawing, serrated sneer of chalkboard scratch" Wonderful! You captured the fragile emotional and physical condition perfectly and I appreciate how you balanced the sacrifice and blessing of bearing children.
Oh, and the poignant paradox of giving and receiving. Just beautiful. I could go on, but maybe I should just e-mail you or make this a separate post. Thank you for sharing your work!

mary ann said...

Darlene, they are marvelous! But I have to say that I'm very partial to "Angels of Mercy". I think you got it so right! In fact, I'm wondering if it would be ok to share it next month in my RS lesson on forgiveness. Would you mind? I laughed out loud and then forwarded the link to everyone in my book group and shared it with my husband, my mom and my aunt. Stellar!

Darlene said...

Sure, go ahead, Mary Ann, but be sure to drop the name Segullah in there when you introduce it. (Gotta get all the publicity we can!)

Practice saying "boob job" in front of a mirror several times, or you will wet your pants when you read the poem out loud. I know.

Lani said...

You have outdone yourself. The "angels of mercy"poem is a choice little bit of hilariousness--I have not laughed so hard in months. Thank you!

Darlene said...

Thanks, Lani. Nice to see you around here. (Are you the Lani that was once involved with Segullah?)