Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy New Year!

Sorry for leaving that whiney post up here for so long. I actually had a nice holiday season. I hope you did, too.

My one New Year’s resolution: to be more positive. About myself, about others, about the future. I want to quit being so critical and start being more observant about what’s right with myself and others. I want to be done with fear and stress about the future, both long term (will I ever feel well?) and short term (we’re going to be late). I want to live more freely, without the weight of judgment and fear.

As part of this, I will continue my yoga, at least three times a week. I will continue blogging (goal: once a week). I will come back to writing poetry more regularly (I’m starting another class this month). I will concentrate on enjoying time with my family more instead of just trying to make it to bedtime. I will try to cut myself slack when I don’t feel well. I will reach out to deepen some of my acquaintances into real friendship.

What about you? Do you have a resolution?


FoxyJ said...

My main resolution for the next few months is to have a regular, early bedtime. I have a few other goals, but this goal will help me accomplish them and stay mentally healthy so that's what I'm working on.

I think staying positive is a good goal. I will keep that in mind!

jenlinmin said...

I love my yoga class too! It is my sanctuary (and sanity saver) each week. Happy new year, and as my mother-in-law always says: "The best is yet to come!"

Cheri said...

I'd like to hear more about your poetry class--where, when, who.

And I have a question about yoga: I've always liked the idea of yoga, but I don't have time/money to attend a class, so a few years ago I tried a couple DVDs that said they were for beginners, but they still made me feel like I'm old and stiff. I didn't think even with practice I could ever really do the poses.

Here and there I've come across yoga poses that were simple, relaxing, focusing, and energizing--and realistic. I would love to learn more. Do you know of an at-home resource (book or DVD) for yoga routines that regular people can successfully do?

Darlene Young said...

Yes, Cheri, I have ideas about that. (And I too have never taken a yoga class. Why are they so darn expensive????) I recommend a book by Rodney Yee called Moving Toward Balance. I didn't find that I could do his entire recommended workouts each day--it took more time than I had--but it's a great resource for learning the poses.

Then I bought a set of dvds from BYU called "Total Body Workout." It's designed to be the perfect daily workout schedule and includes 7 dvds--5 workouts each--to be done over 7 weeks. Three of the five workouts each week are yoga workouts (the other two are various strength and cardio workouts). I like to walk/run and so I don't do the alternate workouts, but I enjoy the yoga, and feel they are very well-cued and adaptable for all levels. You're welcome to borrow a couple of the dvds, if you like.


Emily M. loves to do audio workouts--she buys podcasts and follows them. That wouldn't really work, I imagine, if you weren't already familiar with the poses and still require a visual example.

The poetry class is the same thing I did before--a visiting prof. comes to Westminster to teach, and they invite community members to attend an evening class with some of the registered students. I had a great leap in progress last time I did this.

MissMel said...

I'm proud of you. These are great ways to start a new year.

Cheri said...

Wonderful. I'm so glad you are getting that opportunity again.

And thanks for the yoga recommendations. I'll check the Orem library.