Sunday, January 03, 2010

Not a Year in Review

I refuse to do it.

So, rather than get a recap of my year here, let me just give you a State of the Union Address:

I'm starting to get old, physically and mentally. There are wrinkles and sags and lost vocabulary words.

But I desperately hope that I'm starting to get old emotionally. Time to grow up, baby.

As 2009 ended, I became aware that now more than ever I need to learn how to be in the moment. I've always lived somewhere else; it's time for me to learn how to live right here.

I am a daughter of God, His work and glory. I am already OK the way I am. The Atonement has made it so that all is well. I don't have to make up for all the ways I fall short; I need only take care of what's right here. I accept the Atonement and myself. I will live each moment completely because it is already perfect.

That is my only resolution.

(But as for goals, I do have one: to do one more huge revision of my book in January, and start sending it out.)


Michelle said...

so many good thoughts here. I too, am getting older and feeling it in a way I really didn't just a few years ago.

I can't wait to see your novel. Get it out there!

Kristi said...

Can I share your resolution? It's the only one that matters.

Good Luck with your revision. I'm here if you need a listening ear.

jenlinmin said...

Thanks for "feeding" me every time I visit your blog. I've got a few extra things to think about tonight as I'm falling asleep.

You are beautiful. Inside and out. Thank you for blessing my life despite the fact it's been (gulp) 9 years since I've seen or talked to you! That is how far reaching your influence has been! God bless Berkeley and good friends!