Monday, December 28, 2009


. . . I'm giving it up.

Maybe. I think. Hopefully.

It's been about two weeks. I haven't done it very thoroughly--I give myself one day a week off. And I haven't eliminated white bread and rolls. And I bend the rules a little with non-desserts, such as yogurt. And I put honey on my grape nuts.

But still. Compared to how much I used to eat, this is a big step.

I haven't stipulated a time-frame or anything. We're just taking it a day at a time.

So far, here's what I've noticed:

I haven't lost interest in sugar--things still look good, especially if I've let myself get too hungry. But I haven't had any huge, undeniable cravings either. In fact, the change has been surprisingly easy.

I haven't lost any weight. Sigh. But that wasn't my reason for doing it. Still, I had hoped . . .

I haven't gained energy. This WAS one of my reasons. Probably I need to eliminate white things in order to get this benefit. Or give up my day off.

I HAVE gained in appreciation for the taste of healthy things. Most noticably: cucumbers. I never liked them before. Now they taste so good! And apples and kiwis are so amazingly sweet.

I've had no sypmtoms of withdrawal, as far as I can tell. (Now, if I had to give up Cafe Rio, this might be a different story.)


Michelle said...

I have a 3 week cycle with this: 1st week=sooooo hard, 2nd week=I love this! I am never eating sugar again!. end of the 3rd week=I'll die if I don't eat some chocolate!

And then I fall off the wagon.

Your 1 day off sounds like a fantastic compromise. Maybe I'll try that this time around.

ashley said...

This may sound weird, but a friend of mine had some blood tests done and found that she was lacking in B12 vitamin and Vitamin D. Evidently B12 is a difficult vitamin for the body to absorb. So her doctor gave her vitamin B12 shots (she gives them to herself periodically) and she says her energy level is so much better. I have also heard that sugar can deplete the body of vitamins so cutting back is definitely a wise move.