Thursday, April 24, 2008

I think cats straddle the line between animal kingdom and plant kingdom.

I believe he spends about eighteen hours a day relaxing, meditating, sleeping, contemplating, lying low, ruminating, recharging, snoozing, pondering, napping, dozing, nodding, mulling, and letting it all hang out. And if there's a patch of sun to be had, that's the prime place for all this, uh, action. I don't mean to imply that his life is all easy. There is, of course, the necessity of moving when the sun moves to a different spot. And the horror of little boys who think they know how to pet. And the dreaded light-saber duels that haunt one's nightmares. This life has its trials, you know.

Yes, this is the same little tiny kitten I blogged about here and here. Sigh.


Marj said...

I so wish my husband wasn't a cat hater.

nurselynn said...

I just read the first sentence of this Pippin Post to your dad. Ummmm.... that also pretty much describes what HE does all day. Does that make him part cat or part plant??
Tomas sends his best wishes to his half nephew Pippin.

Zina said...

Sloths are even closer to the animal/plant line. And they make my Mom queasy -- so she keeps sending us YouTube videos of sloths. It's a sick fascination.

Speaking of YouTube videos, here's a cat-themed one my brother sent us today (Dean enjoyed the engineer jokes):