Saturday, April 19, 2008

2 Posts in One Day???? Really!

But I just couldn't wait until later to tell you that I met one of my silent blog audience today and it was soooo cool! I'm not sure she wants to be outed, so I'll just call her "D." Anyway, it was so touching to me to have her put her arm around me and tell me that she fasted for me. Like a little hug from God, I guess--that there was all this power out there in the universe being aimed at me because of the kindness of a stranger. I am so grateful to D for that little act of service to me.

It felt so good to have her ask me how I was feeling, knowing she had read all my posts here and knew the whole, whole story. I didn't mind at all standing there in Barnes & Noble and discussing the pros and cons of antidepressants. This, my friend, is why I am so open about things. And it's what I think the gospel culture is supposed to be like: we are supposed to be open, childlike about our struggles, so that we can look at each other and know the truth behind the smiles. So that we can square our shoulders and pick up a corner of the burden.

Anyway, D is carrying part of my burden and I'm grateful. She's a beautiful woman with a warm smile (and, of course, impeccable taste in blogs) and I'm glad to have met her.

So what about the rest of you, huh? Ready to introduce yourself to me?

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Denny & Joe said...

Holy cow! "D" here, agog at the tribute. Thank you for your kind words! It was wonderful to meet you on Saturday. I thoroughly enjoyed our conversation and so look forward to hearing how things go for you in the next few weeks with different treatment options. You really are a remarkable person and I love reading your blog. Thanks again for "outing" me!