Monday, March 17, 2008

A little quiz.

Well, since the return of the unknown malady (it-which-cannot-be-named, of course), I’ve been thinking a lot more about being in God’s carseat. And when I think that phrase, “in God’s carseat,” I can’t help hearing it to the tune of a little ditty I used to listen to very often. Try this:

Sleep comes; I will trust
in God’s carseat.

He knows where we’re going
in God’s carseat.

So here’s the quiz for the day: do you know which song I have rearranged the words to? Do you know the group that sings it? Here’s a hint: today is St. Patrick’s Day. (Think Irish.) And for double points, quote the actual words. Good luck!


L@pterces said...

'In God's Country' by U2 from The Joshua Tree. "Sleep comes like a drug, in God's country..."

I like God's Carseat better-

Ang said...

Shoot! I wanted to win! I do like your lyric, though. Whenever I have a new baby, I always think it would be kind of nice to be hauled around in a giant baby seat like that.

Zina said...

I promise I knew before I saw the answers, but I would have had to mumble the words between "Sleep" and "in God's country." (Not that I know any other music from our era, but this I know.)

c jane said...

Danny Boy.

Zina said...

By the way, once I get any alternate lyric planted in my brain, it sticks forever, so -- thanks A LOT.


Yesterday in the car I found myself singing "fish and chips and vinegar, vinegar, vinegar, fish and chips and vinegar, pepper pepper pepper salt." The best I can figure of how I got on that one was that I had just gotten a Venofer shot (iron injection,) and Venofer and and vinegar both start with v and have three syllables.

Darlene said...

And Dave wins the big prize: dinner here (oh yeah--I'm a lousy cook) and time in the hot tub with US!!!! (And we'll play U2 in the background!)

Thank you all for playing. You have good taste.

Darlene said...

. . . and Courtney made orange juice come out my nose. Because I was remembering this:

Darlene said...

(well, and also because Courtney is just plain old hilarious)