Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Thanks, Angela, for the tag. I like being tagged. But I’ve already done the one you tagged me for. So I decided to invent my own! Here goes . . .

Four Places I’d Love to Visit:

1. Ireland. Or Scotland. Just so’s it’s rainy and green.
2. North-East America and, possibly, Canada. (OK, I admit it. I wanna see Prince Edward Island and Robert Frost country.)
3. The Mormon Artists Retreat (by invitation only, you know)
4. Panama Canal (and YES! I will visit it in six months!)

Four Things I Covet:

1. Rachel’s singing voice. And throw in her hair while we’re at it.
2. Angela’s writing talent.
3. JL’s organizational skills.
4. Justine’s running stamina, habit and joy.

4 Goals I Have:

1. Learn Spanish.
2. Publish a book (or two).
3. Make meditation a lifelong habit and get good at it.
4. Get a master’s degree.

4 Fads I Wish Would Pass:

1. Women’s shirts that require undershirts.
2. 2-piece swimsuits that don’t meet in the middle (or do just enough to fool you into buying them but then creep up your middle when you wear them. I mean, I’ve lost weight and I’m proud of my middle except no one needs to see those stretch marks. We’re talking “Stars and Stripes Forever,” you know?).
3. Pale or no lipstick. It’s the California surf-girl meets poltergeist look.
4. Tan nylons with white shoes. I am sorry, but there is no way you can convince me that that is anything but ICKY to look at.

4 Delights:

1. Peter’s belly-button.
2. Jon’s cuddliness.
3. Alex’s freckles.
4. Ben’s grin.

4 Regrets:

1. I dropped a singing class at BYU that I should have stayed in.
2. I quit learning Spanish once I got to college and switched to French.
3. I turned down a chance to work as a research assistant with Dr. Richard Lloyd Anderson. I thought I couldn’t afford to live in Provo that summer, so I turned him down when he called me, in Salt Lake, to offer me the job. He called because he was impressed with my work in his Honors New Testament class.
4. Not spending more time with my sister during my teen years.

4 Things I Wish I Could Do More Often:

1. Sing The Messiah.
2. Eat out with AML friends.
3. Go to movies in theaters.
4. Square dance.

4 Things That I Never Would Have Imagined Would Happen to Me:

1. I married a CURLY-HEADED BLONDE who LOVES SPORTS and I had FOUR BOYS NATURALLY and I live in THIS CITY. All very shocking. (Not to mention the other shocking places I’ve lived: Pocatello and Berkeley.)
2. I do yoga.
3. I’ve been on cruises (three going on four).
4. I have regular e-mail conversations with really fascinating people, some of whom are semi-famous, at least to a consumer of Mormon arts and thought such as myself.

4 People I Tag:

1. Mark B.
2. Jennifer B.
3. Angela (turnabout’s fair—after all, it’s a new list)
4. Kathy S.


Justine said...

If you only knew how I feel when I drag my sorry behind out of bed in the morning to run. Stamina and joy are NOT words associated with it.

But it's fun to read and learn more about you! And wouldn't we all like to sing the Messiah more? I know I would...

Ang said...

Oooh, I like your list better than my list, anyway. I'm totally with you on the swimsuits. And I'm all for more eating out with AML friends!