Monday, August 27, 2007

oui, c'est moi

Yes, that story in the Friend this month is by yours truly. When I wrote it, it was called “All Clean Again.” When they published it, they removed the All. I imagine there is a deep theological reason why they took it out, along with any of the other sign of personality the story may have had originally. I can’t tell you exactly what and how they edited it, but I just feel it in my bones as I read it that it is not the same thing I sent them. I suppose I could go back to my original and compare, but I’m too lazy. I just feel like it’s not what it used to be. Sigh. But I spent the money they gave me for it very happily last year on a workshop at BYU. So who’s complaining?

Rog and I have been invited by the (desperate) Ward Activities Committee to peform a duet of “Hey Paula” at the ward Oldies party in a couple of weeks. Up until yesterday, I had never even heard the song. But we, alas, agreed to do it, being the softies that we are. And so now I am looking for a really cool circa-1961 wedding or prom dress. Anyone have one lying around? Also a bouffant wig. Let me know.

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