Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy Anniversary!

Fifteen years ago yesterday I woke up in the morning (the first moment after I wake up is always a time of lucidness for me, a time when I am most connected to my gut instincts and, I believe, to the Spirit) and thought about the day ahead. It was New Year's Eve, and I had not made any solid plans yet. I lay there and visualized all of the possibilities for me that night, thought about the people I knew that I could hang out with, tried each potential activity on to see how it felt. And what I realized was this: I wanted more than anything to be with Roger Young that night.

So I called him up and made sure he knew he was invited to a certain party going on that night.

He had already made plans with some other guy friends, but said he might drop in. I went to the party hoping to see him, and, sure enough, he showed up there. For more info about what happened when he did, read this. Once he left the party (at the urgings of his friends who had another party to visit), I went home and went to bed. I knew I would be seeing this guy again soon.

Sure enough, on New Year's Day he called. We went out. We kept going out, and have been together ever since.

(Of course, the whole Deciding To Get Married was not that easy, but that's another story for another day.)

The thing is, for fifteen years, now, this guy has been in my life. And I feel so unbelievably blessed about that. Almost a guilty feeling, as if I have gotten away with something sneaky, because it shouldn't be this easy, should it? (Also because both my family and his believe that I married up. I admit that I did.) Roger has always been a quiet presence of warmth, sweetness and wholesomeness in my life. I shudder to think what I'd be without him.

So today I give thanks for my guy, and for my own ability to listen to my heart one New Year's Eve. Here's to another year together, sweetheart. I adore you.

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natickgirl said...

Happy Anniversary, Dar!

Gary & I met 16 years ago in January (right before Mom's surgery). Time flies!

Ah, yes, the look. Gotta love the look. BTW, Does Roger have laugh lines? With Dad I sometimes have to look for the smiling eyes to see whether he is joking. Gary's the same way...tells it with a straight face, but the eyes give it away.