Thursday, December 07, 2006

You didn't believe me, did you?

OK, here is the magazine ad:

Notice that her left eye is slightly squinchier than the right.

And here's me at about nineteen:

And here:

(Notice left eye.)

And here, of course, are the real twins. ("You can only tell when we do this!"--[What movie does that line come from?]) Notice the matching shirts. (We must be twins.) Also, I believe we are wearing Wonder Twin rings (not visible in picture).


Jen B said...


Mark Brown said...

Can we just start referring to you as "All American Jumper" from now on? Or how about The Girl With the Biggest Mormon Collar of All Time? Both are catchy, I think.

Darlene said...

That's not a collar. That's a bib. I had a little drooling problem back then.

c jane said...

That is INSANE!!!!