Monday, December 04, 2006

I did it!

I know you hardly slept this weekend wondering if I would make it. Well, you can relax. Because here's the announcement you've been waiting for: I did it! I actually wrote a poem a day for 30 days. I have 30 brand-spankin' poems now (and lots and lots of ideas for more), ready to be polished and put to some good use or another. I know you are so proud of me. I'm proud of me, too.

And by the way, here is a post by Ann Bigelow from the AML-List about my poem about Arthur "Killer" Kane:

I forwarded Darlene's post about "New York Doll" to my friend who happens to be the director's Aunt. She in turn forwarded it to him and this was his reply.

From: Greg Whiteley

You can tell Darlene that she is the fourth person that I know of to write a poem about KIiller Kane since seeing the movie and one of these poems was even set to music (see Robyn Hitchcock's " N.Y. Doll"--you can look it up on ITunes and listen to a sample) but she is the first to compare him to Arthur Henry King :).


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queenserene said...

Darlene, you rock. A poem a day--you're a REAL writer now!

It wouldn't surprise me at all if all this fruit becomes the footings of your first manuscript.