Friday, June 02, 2006

Notes to self from talk with Kathy

Just so that I can remember . . .

It is to be expected that I will cause pain to my children, whether by sinning (doing something wrong for which I knew better, such as losing my temper), or through some other way (genetics, things for which I didn’t know any better, or things I truly can’t help). It is just a fact of life that they will experience pain because of me. Short of doing my best to be Christ-like and repenting when I’m not, there is NOTHING I can do to prevent this pain. I must have faith that the atonement covers me in this, and also that the Lord is working in their lives, and that he knew what they were capable of handling (even what they NEEDED to encounter) when he placed them in my care. Other than refraining from hurting them consciously, it is wrong for me to think that any actions of mine, any particular righteousness or expert parenting, could prevent pain for my children.

(Thank goodness I have Kathy in my life so that we can come to such great insights together. So now I'm wondering: does Kathy have these insights all the time? Is she coming up with new ones in conversation with me? [I like to think it's the combination of our great minds that's doing it.] Or is it just that she's discovered all of these things already, and I'm just coming to know her? Whatever it is, I'm very blessed.)

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queen serene said...

Oh yeah, I spew profound insights 24/7.

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