Tuesday, September 14, 2010

What has God got up His sleeve now?

So I didn't get into school. (You know this by now.) And I've been wondering what it is I'm supposed to focus on this year. Yeah, my family. But I learned at the track meet that I need something else as well to put my soul into, so that my children don't carry the whole burden of my self-esteem. So I'm sort of searching, sort of waiting to figure out what this year will be for me.

Meanwhile, God has been clearing my schedule. Within two days, I was released from my cub scout calling (freeing up Tuesdays) and my ESL student moved (freeing up Mondays).

What gives? What should I do now? Should I get a new ESL student? I don't want to do that because I'm hoping to have to drop tutoring next fall to enter school. Should I just bump up the volunteering at the elementary school? Take up genealogy in a major way? Serve at the temple? I just don't feel settled or satisfied by any of these options. I already do a little of each of these, and feel like that's great for this time in my life.

So, what?

I'm open to suggestions.


Wm Morris said...

Write another YA novel!

Th. said...


The world needs a better sandwich.

nurselynn said...

If you have any extra ideas I am feeling in a similar position. Odd, isn't it? I am confident you'll figure something out. YA novel does sound good!

scott bronson said...

Write a play. It's way easy.

Anonymous said...

I would try to sew up some of the fifty gazillion yards of fabric in my sewing room, or spend (even more) time trying to get my Google Reader to zero, or try to get my home organized for the first time in years. But I'm still in that stage where free time is very scarce and very desirable.

At the same time, I'm just starting to get a peek around the corner of this stage of life, and wondering whether once the constant, urgent needs of my kids ease off a little, I'll lose a sense of purpose or spiral into depression. My kids definitely keep me crazy, but I wonder whether in other ways they also keep me sane.

(I SWORE to myself I wasn't going to write a novella-length comment this time. That'll teach me not to swear.)

To be honest, my first response to you was going to be to glibly say, "Write a book," but you've seemed to have some ambivalence about writing more novels, so I decided not to say that. But that would probably be somewhere down there on the list for me if I ever got all my fabric sewn up and my home organized.

ellen said...

Stock up on bon bons. :)

Andrea R said...

Train for a triathlon. :)

Laura said...

I want you to write a volume of poetry and then get Parables (or someone else if they pass on it)to publish it.

I would also enjoy a memoir by you.

Or you could just blog more.

I'm pretty sure, though, that if God is clearing your schedule it's only because He's going to fill it himself!

Kate said...

Rest and go on walks and just enjoy the quiet. At least that's what I would do. Oh, and write.