Sunday, July 18, 2010

Some Sort of Random Stuff

I saw Eclipse last night and enjoyed it more than the others. It has my favorite part of the story in it—the scene where Jacob warms up Bella in the sleeping bag and Edward sits outside listening to Jacob’s thoughts. It’s much better in the book, but it wasn’t bad in the movie. The biggest problem with the movie remains the same for me: poor casting of Jacob and Edward. Bella is well-cast but unlikeable, as she was in the book. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Bella’s relationship with Edward has all the signs of an unhealthy one, the kind of thing any caring parent would be frightened about. (Constant moodiness, total obsession, loss of interest in anything else, etc.) Yep, I’m team Jacob all the way.

Roger bought me a hat last night at Target. I love to kill time with him at stores, because he buys me stuff. I just have to sigh and glance at something, bat my eyes a little, and it’s mine. Good thing we don’t window shop much together. This is one of those cute little black hats that are almost derbies. I’m excited to wear it.

My little P (now seven) shows such musical aptitude! He loves music of all kinds and has finally been granted his heart’s desire of starting piano lessons. He spends time composing his own songs. Listening to him, or seeing him rapt with earphones on (his latest favorite is the soundtrack to The Secret Garden—thanks again to Rachel for sharing this with me originally) brings me huge joy.

My health has taken a downturn the past several months. I am trying to keep my eyes on God and let Him fight my battles for me. Sometimes I get discouraged.

There is nothing sweeter in this world than reading to my boys—unless it’s reading to my boys in the middle of a forest by the light of our lantern in our tent trailer.

I’ve read many books lately. I’ll do a book report soon.

I haven’t heard more from BYU since I last reported. I suppose I could keep a little hope up until classes actually start (end of August)—but the effect of this is that my mourning is postponed and prolonged.

I have queried about 50 agents, had about 15 requests for fulls or partials, and currently have three fulls out. I’m really not optimistic about this novel ever getting an agent or being published, but I had to try. I’m thinking more lately about the possibilities of my picture books. That’s another long row to hoe, though.

I had a fabulous time at the Segullah writer’s retreat. I was petrified at the thought of teaching a poetry workshop and conducting individual critiques, but when it got down to it I had a blast and wished I had more time for both. Again I am reminded how much I love to teach and share.

(Me at my poetry workshop--do I look stressed?)

A new family moved in two doors down which was an answer to a few years of prayer—they have a boy P’s age—one who is even in P’s ALPS class! I know the value of good friends and have prayed and prayed for someone P’s age to move nearby. Not only that but the mom was an ENGLISH MAJOR at BYU!

Our fridge broke one week before the warranty ran out but when I unplugged it and vacuumed it and started it up again it was good as new . . . for a few more weeks, when it broke again and repeatedly after that. We were very stressed because we didn’t have $1000 for a new fridge. But a very nice person at Maytag did some checking and came back to say that the WOULD HONOR THE WARRANTY AFTER ALL. Such a tender mercy!

I have been trying to refocus my life on sweet, simple, faith-building, hope-building things. That includes analyzing my thoughts (I’ve got to do better at just letting go of things, constantly) and my activities (even the blogs I choose to read can make me less content or more appreciative) and the people in my life. I’m so grateful for the family and friends around me who love me and who are trying to live other-centered, appreciative lives.


Anonymous said...

15 requests from 50 submissions seems really good to me! But I guess it's only good (for you, in the long run) if you actually get an agent from it. I still admire you for writing a book and submitting it. I've been somewhat addicted to reading blogs of agents, editors, and writers lately and am starting to see how much waiting writers have to do, and I get impatient in their behalf so I can begin to imagine how crazy the waiting would drive me if it was for myself.

I'm in agreement with your description of the Eclipse movie. It's too bad we now have the honeymoon/Renesmee/imprinting stuff to look ahead to. I don't like Pattinson as Edward, but I'm not Team Jacob either, and now I'm wondering why not. I think it's because it would be dramatically dissatisfying to me for a story that starts with a girl impossibly loving a vampire not to conclude with something that's happy-ish for her and for the vampire. I'm on team Peeta for the same reason; she spends so much more time and action in the story with Peeta than with Gale that it just wouldn't seem to suit the story well for her to have a seemingly tacked-on happy ending with Gale. But maybe I shouldn't form these opinions and set myself up for disappointment--maybe I should just trust Collins to create an ending I'll like.

That's good news about the new fridge and new neighbors. I just found out someone in my ward writes dystopian YA, but only because someone else told me about her writing blog. I'll have to ask her about it.

Jennifer B. said...

Haven't seen any of the Twilight movies yet. Maybe I'll venture out for this one.

Picture of you in the hat, please?

Glad for your new neighbors and fridge. Hoping the summer provides lots of reading time for you and your boys.

(Just finished Forest Born by Shannon Hale. I've really enjoyed her Goose Girl series.)

Looking forward to your book reviews!

rofoyo said...

Wow! Check out those good looking legs!