Friday, January 22, 2010

Why I Married the Best One (not inclusive)

1. He's just as uptight as I am about following rules and being absolutely honest.
2. He smells sooooooo good.
3. He's always warm, especially when we first climb into bed and my toes are freezing. And he lets me put my toes behind his knees even then.
4. He buys all of my cosmetics and hair care products because I hate to spend money on myself.
5. When I do spend money on myself (for clothes, for example), he cheers.
6. He doesn't care what he eats and thinks it's ridiculous for me to spend hours cleaning when he can't tell the difference anyway.
7. He's the best dad in the world, most of all because he is a model of calmness, patience and peacemaking, and because he so obviously adores his children's mother.
8. He's willing to camp and even seems to like it.
9. He lets me drag him to watch football.
10. He's absolutely convinced me that he wants to see me continue in my education and my writing, and cheerfully shells out money and time to support me in these things. Also, he lets me drag him to various functions with my "writing friends."
11. He has also absolutely convinced me that he thinks I'm gorgeous.
12. He gives the BEST back massages, much better than any professional I've had.
13. He loves to paint my toenails.
14. He willingly adjusted our lives to MY sleeping schedule, as we agreed before we were married, seeing as I turn into a pumpkin after 10:00 p.m.
15. Those gorgeous eyes.
16. He's great at what he does professionally.
17. He listens, listens, listens.
18. He likes Noteworthy a cappella as much as I do.
19. He sings.
20. He's the only thing I want, besides my bed, when I feel sick.

I love you, sweetheart, 17 times more than I did when we married 17 years ago today. Thank you for making my life so good.


nurselynn said...

Happy Anniversary repeat many times sung out of tune by your dad. Love you guys! Oreo cake for your family's birthday?

Wm Morris said...

Congratulations! And many more!

Jennifer B. said...

Happy Anniversary to a perfect match!

Ang said...

Awwww. Love it.

Michelle said...

you were married in January? Only crazy people get married in the depths of winter. Our anniversary is Sunday. ;)

jenlinmin said...

Yay for supportive men who have their priorities right. Here's to many more happy years! The longer I am married to my hunny, and the deeper our love and friendship grows, the more I can see why old, gray, wrinkly couples look at each other like they are still 21. As my Mother-in-law always says, "The best is yet to come!"

Many congratulations to you!

Zina said...

Here's to happy marriages in general and to yours in specific!

Cheri said...

I'm so happy for you, Darlene, and so happy about happy marriages.