Friday, May 08, 2009

What my children will remember about me

Today I was presented with a little booklet my second-grader made for me. It is very informative about how he perceives my parenting. Sigh. The joy of mother's day gifts.

Page title: This is How I Describe My Mother
Son's writing: "My mom is tall and usually wears a t-shirt and jeans. Sometimes she wears a skirt and a shirt. On Sundays, she wears a dress. She has dark brown hair and hazel (usualy [sic] brown) eyes. She wears things from Deseret Industries."

Page title: Things She Does Well
Son's writing: She makes me angry because she puts hard jobs for me to do on Saturdays. She cleanse the house well because she has me do long jobs on Saturday (the job last week was clean 4 bathrooms.) [editor's note: kids voted to have no chores all week and mega-chores on Saturday. This was the first week of trial.] She makes me happy well because she takes me to fun places. She wraps presents well too.

Page title: Things She Likes
Son's writing: My mom likes to tickle me. She likes to make mew ork. She likes to get work done. She likes indigo, purple and blue mixed together, because it is her favorite color. She likes my three brothers. She likes our cat, Pippin, and she likes me.

Things She Dislikes:
My mom doesn't like candy exc ept some kinds of chocolate. She doesn't like it very much when we build forts because she usually has a meeting in the room that we built the fort in. Sometimes the meeting is the day after we built the fort.

My Mother Helps Me
My mom helps me with my homework and sometimes even my job! She helps me to know how to do my job faster, and she helps me to find a good snack. She helps me to win games sometimes too.

Things My Mother Does With Me [notice the great variety here]
My mom plays SORRY with me, and she plays chocolate chip SORRY with me and she plays chocolate chip-popcorn SORRY with me too. She does Soaring Eagle and my homeowrk with me. She does a lot of things with me.

Things My Mother Cooks
She bakes cookies and she cooks pumpkin pie. She cooks muffins too. She cooks vegetables, bean burritos and spaghettin too. She cooks a lot of things I don'g like, like ravioli and beef stew. I don't like ravioli or beef stew.

Things She Does for Birthdays
She makes cake sor cupcakes for the treat. She gives us presents like Lego sets, wii games, magnetix and other toys like lightsabers. She likes to give us surprise hidden presents.
Things She Always Says
My mom always says, "Clean your room," even when I didn't mess it up, like once Peter got out some papers, and threw them on the ground, then I had to clean them up. She says, "Clean up the fort" right after we make one. [editor's note: the last fort stayed up for ten days]

Humorous Things about My Mother
My moms wears a lot of stuff from Deseret Industries. (D.I.) They look good on her. She gives things to my cousins right before I want to play with that thing.

Final page: I love you, Mom! (pre-printed form)


Jennifer B. said...


The D.I. theme was my favorite ;)

Anonymous said...

Is this the original spelling? Because he forgot the part about "My mom passed on her considerable writing talent to me."

One year under "My favorite thing my mother makes" my kids both put "Rice krispy treats." Actually, that makes me want to make some right now to augment my lunch so far of carrot sticks, mandarin oranges, popcorn, and Country Time lemonade. (Same thing the kids ate.) No, I guess I need something more substantial since Hazel's been nursing a TON today.

Emily M. said...

I loved this. I wish they'd had my son write something similar... last year he did, and he said my favorite food was casserole, only because I make it all the time. But casserole is NOT my favorite food.

I liked the DI/fort theme too. You sound like a great mom, Darlene--you make your kids work and you play games and cook. Lucky kids.

nurselynn said...

Oh, I am laughing with tears in my eyes. I can just picture Jon writing and saying these things. With big heavy sighs over the JOBS! You, my dear Darlene, are doing a marvelous work with your boys. This book is a keeper...and of course, so is J!

Melinda said...


This is soooo great. I want one for Mother's Day.

My kids seem to have a short memory when it comes to me, but yours don't!

Still chuckling...

Michelle said...

I love that-- and I learned a few things about you too...

But tall? Hmmm, I don't think so.

Angie said...

That is hilarious! I hope you keep it forever.