Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Mormon Arts

Mark asked some really good questions about what I wish the church WOULD do for arts. This is it. This is exactly the kind of thing I was hoping for--and the kind of thing that I wish AML was doing. Maybe I'll start one of my own someday, since I doubt I'll ever be invited to this one.

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Mark Brown said...

I guess I probably wouldn't turn down an invitation to a thing like this either. But, at the same time, from the sounds of it, it seems more like a self-congratulatory propaganda fest more than anything else.

The problem is that the church is all about unity and beauty in art comes from pattern AND variation. Official church art can only vary so much in terms of subject matter, tone, medium, etc. A get-together like this seems more like a norming session to make sure no one is getting too far afield. I mean, a whole "filmmaking" session focused on the guy who does TV commercials for the church? Really?

I'd rather just have a get-together with artists I like and respect and if they happen to be producing work that addresses the church, cool. If not, cool.