Saturday, December 27, 2008


Someone finally tagged me! I love being tagged. Thanks, Melinda. It took me long enough to realize it (sorry, Mel, haven’t been reading blogs lately.) (Which is probably why no one tags me . . . )

6 random, abstract, weird things about me.

1. I can wiggle my nose three different ways, wiggle one ear, and raise my eyebrows independent of each other.

2. One of the biggest signs that I am aging is that I can hardly stand stress in movies anymore. As in, I can’t watch car chases or intense shoot-up scenes or pretty much anything violent. I am turning into a wussy old lady.

3. I like to eat roast beef gravy on cottage cheese.

4. In order to sleep, I can’t have any skin exposed to the air. All pajamas must have long sleeves, and I have to pull the covers up to my chin (with the sheet folded out over them).

5. I pretty much don’t like any beverage except water.

6. I feel a little guilt and a lot of relief that the lady at the screening desk when I was donating blood last time found something on my papers that excluded me. I’m assuming (possibly wrongly) that whatever it was (can’t remember), it was permanent and I can never donate blood again. I’m sorry, but that experience gave me such anxiety that I am very pleased not to have to do it again. (Wooziness about medical things is the reason I had all my babies without anesthesia—it wasn’t bravery. Oh, no. It was fear of a NEEDLE in my SPINE.)

And now I tag . . . let's see . . . Michelle L. and Zina.

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