Sunday, October 12, 2008

Oooooh, I am so clever.

I moved some of our family board games from the dusty shelves in the deepest dungeon of the basement up to the open shelves in the sitting room off of the kitchen. Suddenly my children have discovered games! They are actually sitting on the floor for a couple of hours at a time, playing with each other! Without plugs!!!!!!!


ashley said...

It is so funny how I can put any old toy away for several months because I am tired of stepping over it and it doesn't seem to belong to least no on is willing to put it away, and then I bring it out after awhile to put it in the Goodwill bag and suddenly it is new and exciting and a favorite toy.

Melinda said...

And kids wonder what we did before video games.

I remember many cold winter night sitting cross-legged with a gameboard. Good for your Darlene. your boys will gain skill and have fond memories.

Anonymous said...

We have a no-TV-or-computer before 4 PM rule on Sundays. Yes, we also have some regulatory rules on other days, but it's amazing to me how by far the most creative and cooperative play that goes on in this house happens on Sunday mornings and afternoons.

On the other hand, I got out Candyland a few weeks ago to introduce Rose to, and regretted it. Even when I cheated (by making sure she got all the fast-moving cards) that dratted game still takes nearly an hour to finish. With just two players. (I guess I need to teach her chess?)

Zina said...

Uh, yeah, "regulatory rules" is pretty redundant. And repetitive.