Thursday, October 02, 2008

Meme: 13 irrational fears

1. Biggest fear by far: that while we are happily driving along, the car will spontaneously combust. And this one intensifies greatly when I am pregnant or post-partum.

2. That I have some very obscure but easily-cured disease that requires a very certain medication. I don’t mind so much (well, actually I do) having a disease that’s NOT curable, as long as we all know for sure that’s what it is. The big fear is that I could have been feeling well all this time with a simple pill or maybe a really easy surgery, if only we had found the right test to confirm it.

3. Wasted time.

4. Staying up past my natural prime bedtime so that I miss the wave.

5. Crowds. Hate ‘em, hate ‘em, hate ‘em.

6. Parking downtown.

7. Making phonecalls, especially visiting teaching calls but also just plain old chatty calls. Also, discovering somehow that I am considered the “problem child” in the ward that no one wants for a visiting teaching companion.

8. Running into an ex-boyfriend on a bad hair day. Or, even worse, someone I knew peripherally in high school.

9. Dogs not on leashes. (OK, this is more of extreme annoyance than fear.)

10. Having a check bounce.

11. Discovering (who knows how?) that I could have written an amazing book if I had just tried.

12. Finding out someone is angry at me. Much worse: being confronted by that person. Agggggh! Angry confrontation!!!!!!

13. Finding out I have deeply hurt someone’s feelings.


Anonymous said...

Darlene, you have deeply hurt my feelings and I am VERY MAD AT YOU FOR IT!!!!!!! (That wasn't as fun to type as I thought it would be. Yikes, even pretending to be the offended or angry person is scary.)

Th. said...


I'm not sure all of those are irrational....