Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A great September

Still haven’t been writing lately.

Scary thing is, I haven’t missed it.

I’ve just been having such a great autumn, enjoying and living to the hilt. I’ve loved church, loved watching football, loved playing games with my kids. Loved visiting the cabin a couple of weeks ago. I’ve enjoyed jogging, practicing guitar, learning Spanish. I met the woman I will be tutoring English to (Maria) and I’m excited about that.

The kids are off track and I’ve been taking them to parks and throwing a ball around. I started up with my women’s choir again. I’ve been filling in as poetry editor for Segullah, and brainstorming ways to get more poetry submissions.

I’m bored with writing picture books and sick of my novel. I think I want to try another novel soon, but I’m putting it off because life is so nice right now! Why throw myself into something that will haunt me?

So I’m having a season of Just Being. And it feels fantastic. (And yes, by the way, I HAVE been feeling better physically lately. Thanks for your prayers.)


Christopher Bigelow said...

I haven't been working on my novel, and I wish I could say it's because I'm living life like you are, but instead it's because I've been doing insane amounts of freelance writing and editing lately. So in other words, I'm writing, but just not stuff I personally really want to. The extra money is nice, though...

And I'm so glad you've been feeling better!

Melinda said...

I so glad that you are enjoying life and doing things that you love.

Let's get together!

Kathleen Dalton-Woodbury said...

Poetry editing for Segullah, eh?


Kathleen Dalton-Woodbury said...

So then I send my comment before I'm finished, and I can't figure out how to edit it.

Anyway, it's great to hear that you are feeling so well and that you are enjoying fall. It's my favorite season, too. Enjoy, enjoy. Your kids are only that age once, and your stories will still be there once they go back on track.