Sunday, August 24, 2008

Steak Conference

So I’m sitting in stake conference, feeling rather smug that our kids are behaving so well. They are allowed to bring notebooks and pens to stake conference (but not to regular Sunday meetings) and they were doodling away very quietly. An hour or so into the meeting, 7-year-old passes me his notebook so that I can appreciate his artwork.

The page is titled “Steak in a Circle,” and pictures a large circle with, yes, a piece of raw-looking marbled meat in it.

So can you tell me what this particular piece of art says about the psyche of my child? Couldn’t he draw something nice, like a flower? Or even the typical violent jedi pictures that abound at our house? What’s with the slab of flesh?

(By the way, he followed it up with “Flower in an oval,” at my request. But the next one was a croquet mallet pounding a lectern and microphone. Psychotherapists here we come.)


Barbara Bakes said...

To me it shows a bright intelligent boy, who shares a love of words with his mother.

Anonymous said...

We let our kids draw during regular Sacrament Meetings, after the Sacrament, but I kind of wish we didn't, because it can cause more commotion than I like. Mabel's latest thing is "Build a Blob" where she draws a whole bunch of head shapes, types of eyes, nose, mouth, etc., and you have to select from the choices to make your own Blob (not unlike making a Mii on the Wii.) It's hard to imagine she's getting much out of the meeting while doing that. I rarely get to feel smug while my children behave well in church meetings (so rarely, in fact, that if it ever happens I'm more shocked and relieved than smug.)

I should say though that when I ask my kids afterwards, they often do remember the talks. Also, the drawing of the steak sounds cool and clever.