Wednesday, July 09, 2008

To my friend the poet who says that he has fallen out of love with poetry

The thing I always loved about your poetry
was that every single one,
regardless of the subject,
was a love poem.

Because of knowing you
I had begun to believe
that all the really best poets
are simply the really best lovers
of the world.

And although I’ve never really bought into the theory
that an artist creates solely out of yearning
I can’t help but notice
the coincidence
that even as your poetry trickled out
you were finding a brand new joy,
a place to overflow into that wasn’t there before.

And I’m happy for you--
though I mourn your loss.


Anonymous said...

I came across your poem and really enjoyed both the poem and the sentiment behind it. A friend of mine "gave up" writing poetry years ago and while it was good for him, I still feel nostalgic for the poems he might have written. So your last stanza really struck a chord.

Mark Brown said...

Maybe your friend will come back to poetry one day. Maybe he'll find he has things to write about and ways to write about them even though the things that used to drive him aren't really there any more. Who knows? I'm sure he appreciates the nice words in your poem post.