Thursday, May 01, 2008

M is for May and Memes

Here's an alphabet for you:

A- Artist you like?

I don’t know what kind of artist this is asking about. Visually, I love the artwork on our latest issue of Segullah (you can see the cover here). I also love Brian Kershisnik. My favorite painting of all time is hanging in my livingroom and it’s by Paul Cornoyer. You can see it here.

Musical artists? I love Courtney’s serenade that you can watch here.

B- Best Friend? Roger F. Young, the kindest person I have ever met.

C- Cake or pie? Sharlee’s triple chocolate cake, of course. But I also miss the peanut-butter pie I used to get at El Cheepo’s in Park City which, sniff, is no longer with us. If anyone has figured out how to make a killer chocolate-peanut butter pie, please send the recipe ASAP.

D- Day of choice? Sunday. Always.

E- Essential Item? Nap. Also, lately, herbal tea.

F- Favorite Color? A deep purply-blue, sort of the color of the little purple flowers that are coming up in my front yard right now (don’t know what they are). Also the color of dusk on a summer evening.

G- Good Read? Too many. I’ll take a stab, though: Room With a View, My Name is Asher Lev, Pride and Prejudice, Angle of Repose, The Great Divorce, Death Comes for the Archbishop and, of course, Bound on Earth.

H- Hometown? Brigham City, Utah. Even though we moved away when I was four, I think it got into my blood, because I find myself every spring with this deep-down urge to go on road trips to small towns with big trees, wide ditches and no curbs.

I- Indulgence? Going to bed early and getting backrubs from best friend.

J- January or July? September.

K- Kids? No more, thanks.

L- Life isn't complete without? Rain, the smell of sage, movies with popcorn, yoga, the story couch piled with boys and me.

M- Marriage reception blunder? I loudly and enthusiastically greeted someone (my high school choir teacher) by the wrong name.

N- Number of brothers and sisters? 1 brother, 2 sisters, 2 step-sisters.

O- Oranges or Apples? Apples, the sweeter the better, and always at room temperature. (I’ll put them in the microwave if they’re too cold from the fridge!)

P- Phobia and fears? Having another “attack.” Also, I’m not really afraid of heights (I’ve been bungee jumping and parasailing, for crying out loud), but I always get this little panic at the top of the ferris wheel.

Q- Quote? “Be still and know that I am God.” “And God remembered Rachel.”

R- Reason to smile? Peter’s belly-button.

S- Season of choice? Fall. (I was going to write, “empty nest season,” but I felt guilty. Of course I’m supposed to “love the season you’re in,” according to the prophets and the old ladies. And I really do, especially now that the kids are a little older. It’s really a great time and I’ll miss it when it’s past. Unlike the days with little, little children, which I still don’t miss despite what all the old ladies said.)

T- Therapy for a bad day? Going to Café Rio with Angela.

U- Unknown fact about me? I don’t think anything is unknown about me. I keep no secrets. But here’s a story of mortification. I was matched up with the guy of my dreams at a sort of fix-up activity, thought I made a good impression, and then heard back from the (expletive here) rude young men in my ward that my “date” had told everyone afterwards how disgusted he had been the whole time by the food in my braces. Talk about adolescent scarring!

V- Vegetable? Asparagus.

W- Worst habit? Saying, “Just a minute” to my kids.

X-Rays you've had? Oh, dear, don’t ask.

Y- Your favorite food? Dark chocolate-covered almonds.

Z- Zodiac sign? Gemini


Johnna said...

ah, give a meme to a poet and she half-convinces you it's an important literary form. you make specificity sing even when you're goofing off.

Forrest said...

Nothin's better than Cafe Rio with Darlene. Pork salad with creamy sauce, Diet Coke with lime & excellent conversation. The best.

Ang said...

Ha! I accidentally posted using my husband's already logged-into account. Whoopsie! Or maybe I should just leave it like that and let people wonder . . . :-)

Denny & Joe said...

Now THAT'S a fun meme. I love 'M' for "Marriage reception blunder." And I, too, say "Just a minute" too often to Emma. Sometimes I say "Just a sec" to mix it up a little bit (although you have to be careful with "just a sec"; when I was 8 or 9 I kept saying "just a sec" to my mom, who repeatedly asked me to come in the kitchen to wipe the dishes. Finally she said, "Young lady, you've had a half hour of secs. Come in here and wipe the dishes!"

Zina said...

Denny, I heard a version of that (can't remember where, maybe one of the LDS blogs) in which the parent said to the young child, loudly, in public, "No more secs for you!"

The meme was fun to read, Darlene.

c jane said...

I am honored.