Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I hope you'll enjoy yours.

Thanks to my mother-in-law, who is loved for many reasons, for the comic.

And while we're on the subject (of, er, breasts), and just because I am thankful for my loyal blog readers, here is a thanksgiving gift for you:

Angels of Mercy
By, well, me.

The Seventh Ward Relief Society
presidency argued long and soft
whether Janie Goodmansen deserved
to have the sisters bring her family meals.
It seems that precedent was vague—
no one was sure if “boob job” qualified
as a legitimate call for aid.
Janie herself had never asked for help—
a fault they found it harder to forgive
even than the vanity behind
the worldliness of D-cup ambition.
But in the end charity did not fail.
The sisters marched on in grim duty
each evening clutching covered casseroles
(for, after all, it wasn’t the children’s fault).
More than once, though, by some oversight
the dessert came out a little short, as if
by some consensus they all knew
that Janie’s husband, Jim, could do
without a piece of pie that night.


Zina W said...

LOL -- and wincing -- at "argued long and soft."

I love the patriarchal blessing poem, too. I'm so enjoying your writing; thanks for sharing it.

Darlene said...

Thanks for the comment, Zina. It's feeling rather dead around here--nice to know someone's listening!

Queen K said...


I've long loved the poem... but the turkey cartoon brings it to a whole new level!

Zina W said...

And here I was just trying not to deluge you with comments so that I don't annoy you. :) Now I will bombard you with comments with impunity.

Also, I (finally) started a blog, and I'm having fun with it so far: