Saturday, October 06, 2007

"Death is everywhere . . .

. . . there are flies on the windscreen, for a start."

Yesterday was really, really depressing. Here are some reasons why:

1.) Earlier this week my kids came back to the house five minutes after leaving for school to tell me there was a “hurt kitty on the street.” Luckily, it wasn’t ours. Unluckily, it was someone’s. Or it had been someone’s, before it died. It was lying in its blood in full view of all the kids walking to school. I went out and investigated, then called my neighbor whose cat I knew it must be. I said, “I hope I’m mistaken, but I think your kitty is out in the street hurt.” I couldn’t bring myself to say “dead.” Of course, the kids have been asking about death ever since.

2.) Roger called to say that a coworker of his, who had been sick off and on for years, hadn’t reported to work in a couple of days. They finally called a relative to go check on him. He was dead. We don’t know any more details than that, but it seems that he probably died alone. This thought is so unbelievably depressing to me.

3.) #3 threw a huge tantrum in the morning that carried over to the walk to school, during which he refused to walk with his brothers. Worried that he would be left behind (and his quite tiny), I stepped outside to watch them make their way down the street, and saw that it would be necessary to accompany him to school. Luckily, I was out there watching because I saw a strange car drove past my kids very slowly one direction, turned around and came back past them, then pulled over and stopped. The driver held up a device (cell phone? camera?) to the window towards MY KIDS. Now, they just happened to be in front of a house that was for sale, so it might have been innocent. But I was watching very closely as I jumped into my car and backed out to catch up with them. He drove off. I got his license number and called the police.

3.) The police were very nice. I had to leave before they pulled away. When I got back, I found a nice notice from them that we were in violation of a city ordinance because our parent’s motor home, parked in our driveway, jutted out past the line of the house. Made me laugh because right next to the motor home, in the neighbor’s driveway, is a junker car that has been there for two years (major violation). The motor home had been there for two days and was going to be moved next week.

4.) #4 raced his scooter down the driveway and into the street, avoiding BY INCHES I TELL YOU being hit by distracted teenager who must be dyslexic because he thinks the speed limit says 52, not 25. I looked at my baby and thought about that cat in the pool of blood . . .

5.) #2 brought home a less-than-satisfactory report card. Now, I don’t care about grades, but I do care about people who perform below their ability because they are in TOO MUCH OF A HURRY TO PLAY WITH THEIR BUDDIES to actually read directions and write with readable penmanship. So I was angry. And I handled it in absolutely the opposite way than I should have. And I am utterly disgusted with myself about it.

So I was ornery and depressed (hating myself) all evening. Blech. Glad to see that day get over with and start fresh this morning.

And, by the way, I am way, way looking forward to General Conference. As always.

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Betsy said...

What a bad week. I had one, too. Hopefully next week will be a better one!