Saturday, June 09, 2007


Yesterday I got passport photos (they didn’t turn out too bad, actually) and APPLIED FOR A PASSPORT!!!!! Obviously, I have never had a passport before. I am getting one in preparation for the CRUISE I have purchased tickets for which does not actually leave until February but you can never start anticipating too soon, now, can you? The cruise, which will take us to the Panama Canal, is to celebrate our fifteenth anniversary, and is very possibly the farthest I will ever travel from home (unless somehow I write that bestseller and get rich someday and make it to my dream destination of Ireland). And we’ve planned it for the perfect time—during the last third of winter when I usually start getting depressed and so sick of Utah gunk. I’ll have something to look forward to through all of January, and then when I get back it will only be a few weeks until spring! We have booked it so far in advance that the credit card award people will not even let me book my flights yet (“Call back in two months”). But I don’t care that it is so far away. I plan to get my money’s worth in daydreaming about it every single day from now until then.

p.s. Name that movie: "My voice is my passport." I love this movie, maybe partially because I saw it for the first time on my very first cruise. Other most quotable line from this movie: "I'll see what I can do." (Picture James Earl Jones mouthing those words.)


Roger said...

I know the movie! Am I allowed to answer?

Emily M. said...

Sneakers, is that what it's called? I love that movie too. But who'd ask for a Winnebago?

Justine said...

I loved Sneakers! I loved Werner Brandish (was that his name?)

And cruises are the best! I'm excited for you!

Jennifer B. said...

How fun! I hope it's wonderful.