Friday, June 15, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me!

Today is my birthday. I am thirty-seven. That really sounds rather old to me, but I don't really mind. It's kind of weird going from "young marrieds" to "young mom" to "young family in the ward" to "family in the ward" or "lady in the ward." That's me--just a lady in the ward. (Still have a hard time thinking of myself as woman or lady. I'm still "girl." Will I always be?)

I won't get around to posting my next installment of the conference today. I didn't go down on Wednesday because there were no afternoon sessions on Wednesday. Also, I got quite sick with the flu or a reaction to my tetnus shot or something on Wednesday and was still ill yesterday. I made it down for the first lecture but had to leave and come home (thus missing the banquet--darn it!). So I won't have much to report, but I'll report it here when I get to it.

I did get a nice consolation prize for being sick, though. While I was resting last night (instead of banqueting), I got two fantastic writing ideas, one for a YA novel and one for an early chapter book. You may know that I have never dared try a novel before. But now I can't wait to get started. (Don't know when I'll get a chance, though.)

I love to get new writing ideas. I hate, though, the point at which I have to commit to a project, especially a longer one, at the expense of others. Which should I start first? Don't know, don't know. Meanwhile, wish me a happy, productive, and, most of all, healthy year, won't you?


Marj said...

Happy Birthday! I have a small gift for you (emphasis on small - but it's the thought that counts, right?). Are you going to be home later today?

One thing I hate is being called "ma'am". Like the young baggers at the grocery store. "Do you need any help out ma'am?" Yup, that makes me feel old.

Hope you get feeling better.

Darlene said...

Marj!!!! Thanks for the present! I looked at it (before I opened the card), and I said, "I bet it's from Marjorie, because who else would give me toe rings???!" You're the best, old friend. (Oldest best friend?)

BTW, I have a friend whose bishop asked her to stop wearing toe rings because she was serving in the Young Women's and "should be an example."

Emily M. said...

Happy belated birthday! I have been out of town, but I wanted to wish you well a little late anyway.