Monday, September 11, 2006

Long Live the 80's!

I'm supposed to be canning peaches, but I wanted to say thanks to my friend Dave W. for telling me about He said they have millions of 1980's music videos there--just type in the song and there you go!

So, here's a list of the songs I looked up (in roughly the order I played them):

Under the Milky Way Tonight by the Church
The Whole of the Moon by the Waterboys
Change by the Sparks (HILARIOUS VIDEO!!!!!)
Where the Streets Have No Name by U2
The Working Hour by Tears for Fears
One Simple Thing by the Stabilizers

Here's what Roger looked up:

I Promise You
some Duran Duran
some other stuff that I can't remember

So, here's the question: what would you look up first?

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scott bronson said...

Shock the Monkey: Peter Gabriel