Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Well, this week I got a positive, personal rejection letter.

Now, for those of you who aren’t into the children’s publishing business, let me tell you that having a PERSONAL rejection letter is a BIG DEAL. So, it was a triumph of sorts.

The agent who wrote it says that I am producing work that is far better than the majority of stuff she sees but, unfortunately, she is taking no more new clients. She mentioned my story in particular, wished me luck, and ended by saying, “and let me know how it goes.”

What does THAT mean????? Was she just being nice? Was she implying that she’d be open to being brought in if I get an editor to nibble?

So, it’s driving me crazy. I need to quit thinking about it and write some more stuff.

I sure am in a quandary about what to be doing with my life right now. Pursue poetry, or pursue writing for children? Not sure, not sure.

In other news, we went camping last weekend. Four days with no shower, no electricity, and only a porta-potty. And we survived—and even had a little fun! That shower sure felt good on the day we returned, though. I wish I could camp and look cool like all the svelt, tan, rugged-looking women I see camping. How do they keep their hair from getting greasy and their designer tank tops from looking like their three-year-olds hadn’t dropped hot dogs and marshmallows on them?

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scott bronson said...

Darlene, when she says, let me know how it goes, she means, if you sell this, call me and I will represent you. From what I've been told by writers and editors and agents, it is very important that the beginning writer prove herself as a bigtime selfpromoter. No one can sell you like you. And if you get a sale on your own, half the agent's work is done. Then it's just a matter of negotiating a contract. It's very difficult for an agent to sell an unknown. Good luck.