Wednesday, July 12, 2006

I used to be funny.

I'm consumed with envy. I want to be Courtney. (You can see why if you check out her blog at I just think she's hilarious and it sounds like she has more fun than anyone I know.

I used to have fun.

It's not that I don't enjoy my life now--I really do. In fact, I think I am happier now than I have ever been in my life. I wouldn't change anything about it. (Well, I might adjust a few temper-tantrums around here.)

But I used to have more fun. And I used to be funny, too. (Probably not as funny as Courtney, though.)

Really, I think that my sense of fun and of play has dwindled since having kids. Why, why, oh why is that? My kids need to benefit from fun and funniness as much as anyone. What has happened to me, and how can I get it back?

Is it the constant fatigue? The sense of responsibility (someone has to be the grownup around here)? The feeling so . . . so used up inside my body?

I don't know. I'd like to get it back. I wish I could figure out how.

Meanwhile, I'm reading Courtney's blog every day. You should, too.

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Angie said...

That's the same reason I love Courtey's blog. And I read it every day too! My New Year's Resolution this year was to play. I'm not doing so well.