Sunday, May 07, 2006


I've been tagged.

I'm not exactly sure how it works. I'm assuming I get to make up my own categories. So here goes:

5 Contemporary Writers Who Have Changed My Worldview
Annie Dillard
Neal Chandler
Carol Lynn Pearson
Orson Scott Card
Barbara Kingsolver

5 Favorite Books I’ve Discovered in the Past Five Years
The Ladies’ Auxiliary
The Evening and the Morning
Lying Awake
Discoveries (LDS Women’s poetry)

5 TV Shows that I have watched more than once in the past year
West Wing
The Red Green Show
General Conference
Olympics coverage
Masterpiece Theater

5 Things I hope to have in the next life
Long, curly hair
A beautiful solo voice
Good posture
Unlimited time to read
Second chances in some relationships

5 Talents and interests I sadly lack
Quilting, Sewing
Anything with the internet
Home Decorating

5 New things in my life this year
Writing picture books

5 Funky Facts About Me
I can wiggle one ear, raise my eyebrows individually, and wiggle my nose three different ways.
I’ve bungee-jumped.
I’ve delivered all of my children without anesthesia. (One of them without my husband present, too. Not, of course, on purpose.)
I love to travel but hate visiting tourist sites. (I spent five minutes looking at the Grand Canyon.)
I got up the first time I tried water-skiing on one ski. (It was the kiss for luck that did it.)

5 Jobs I’ve Had
Full-time Nanny in Allentown, Pennsylvania
Food-worker at Orange Julius (yes, in brown polyester)
Cleaning the Cougar Stadium after football games
Technical Writer

5 Combinations I like to eat in the same bite
Turkey gravy on peas
Roast beef gravy on cottage cheese
Chocolate chips and peanut-butter
Yogurt with almonds
Gooey brownies with popcorn


Christopher Bigelow said...

I'm currently listening to "Gilead" as my treadmill book. I'm enjoying it quite well. It has some beautiful expressions, descriptions, and turns of phrase, and I really do feel like I'm inside the narrator's life and head. Lovely portrait of a particular place and time.

I do find my mind wandering a little more than with most novels I listen to, and I'm not sure why. It may be that I really don't have much interest in non-Mormon forms of Christianity, so it may be that when his narrative gets into religious philosophy, that may be when I start tuning out...

Kathy said...

housewives-who-eat-spoonfuls-of-peanut-butter-dotted-with-chocolate-chips, unite!

Mabel Maybe said...

Love Neal Chandler. I used to live in his ward in Ohio, he's a great person too.