Sunday, October 03, 2010

Nothing interesting--just a little update

So I think I mentioned here that my schedule was being cleared for me in weird ways. (My ESL student moved away suddenly and unexpectedly. I was released from my cubscout calling.) I was wondering what was around the corner for me . . . and now I have at least some idea.

I was called to head up trek along with my husband.

I have mixed feelings about this. Hubby had already been called, and it seems to me that it makes sense to have both of us doing it (rather than having me nag him). Last weekend, after much extremely difficult and stressful arranging, we were able to farm out the kids and attend the pre-trek training in Wyoming (which was assigned to us to do, along with the weekend we had to do it). While there, hubby and I both got lots of ideas—almost all of them the same as each other’s ideas—and it was so nice and even a little romantic to share the experience. I can’t imagine how much harder it would be if one of us were co-chairing this thing with someone outside of the family, all the polite dancing around.

And right after we got back I got sick. Sick sick. As in the flu, but some killer flu that has had me flat in bed all week. I’m finally (obviously) able to sit up some, but this one is going to take a few weeks to get over, I think. It was very, very nice to have a clear schedule and the kids in school while I have been recovering. I’m frustrated about my loss of strength, though. I am not a vibrant, strong person in general, and it takes me weeks to progress in my exercising where other people can see progress over a few workouts. And now I’ll be starting over, after this horrible flu. Sigh.

But I never forget how blessed I am, that I can lie on my bed in my pleasant, quiet bedroom, and listen to the breeze outside in my very pleasant back yard. I don’t have the financial stress of those who live in poverty when they are sick and have to take a week off. And I’m not even missing any classes, which I would be if I were in school (though I won’t go so far as to say I’m glad about that one—but it is nice to have peace about it).

The hardest part for me about being sick is the guilt, the lying there listening to my poor husband, tired from work, trying to make dinner and settle all the fights. Even my guilt has been minimized this time since I was so darn sick I couldn’t have sat up or made myself heard anyway. It was a good time to use my free trial of Netflix, so I’ve been watching shows I’ve always wanted to check out—Mad Men, 30 Rock—and catching up on The Office. General Conference has been nice, too.

And I haven't minded a little guilt-free postponement of the trek planning. But I'll have to hit it here soon. I'm sure a few of you have done it--any suggestions?

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Anonymous said...

What? Nobody else has commented yet?

I haven't gone on a pioneer trek but two ideas from the one my stake's youth went on a couple years ago are: have the kids help sew at least part of their clothing for the trek, (I'm not sure whether only the girls did that--which would seem sexist but realistic) and have each kid choose an actual pioneer to learn about beforehand. Maybe you already have similar ideas.