Sunday, May 09, 2010

Dear Mom,

Happy Mother’s Day! And I hope that, today, you ARE a happy mother. A few specific things that I want to thank you for this day:

-Teaching me a love of reading. It’s pretty amazing, considering your background, how you were able to give us such a love of literature and of learning in general. We never had a doubt what a treat you thought it was to learn something new or read a great book. It’s one of the most priceless treasures I have. Even when I’m sick, I always have a cheap, easy source of entertainment, enlightenment and self-improvement. Thank you.

-Teaching me a love of music. Even now, it is your voice, singing around the house (and, of course, reading to us) that I remember most clearly about you. I’m glad I got to see you volunteering to sing in small groups, teaching us songs to sing together, working diligently at the three songs you taught yourself on the piano, making sure we had a piano at home and lots of recordings of different kinds of music. It has brought me much joy.

-Showing me an example of a stable marriage and home. I feel like I’m so far ahead of the game on this one! You planted expectations in me that led me to make the choices that, I think, will bring me more joy than if I had chosen a different lifestyle. I’m also grateful for the (annoying, at the time) unhesitating and very enthusiastic partiality you showed to my potential husband, Roger. I was frustrated that you wouldn’t consider anyone else for me once you met him, but you were right—he was the best for me, and continues to be.

You gave me many more gifts than these, but these are the three which have been on my mind lately, which I can carry with me even when I am having a hard time. That is their value. They accompany me when you can’t.

On Mother’s Day, as you know, the most precious gift any mother can receive is the knowledge that she has done well in her role as a mother. Please let this be my gift to you, then. I love you. Thank you. You did well.

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Jennifer B. said...

Happy Mothers' Day! Your mother left you a wonderful legacy.