Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Learn what you will about life at our house these days:


Recently posted at our house:

Behavior for a happy family:


Consequence if you choose otherwise:

Using a quiet, kind, inside voice.

(No yelling, screaming, whining)

People feel supported and forgiven. The day keeps moving smoothly.

You can help the day move more smoothly by doing an extra job.

Respecting other people’s bodies (no hitting, kicking, pinching, biting, scratching, pushing).

People feel safe.

You can make it up to them by doing a job for them, and get more control of yourself by going to bed early (or job for Mom).

Respecting property (no banging of doors, walls or objects, or breaking things).

Our house looks nice and our things are not broken.

You can practice control by losing a property privilege for one week.

Respecting property.

(No entering another person’s bedroom without permission.)

We feel trust for each other and our things stay safe.

You can make things better by giving the offended a Yu-Gi-Oh card of his choice.

Honoring parents (obey parents immediately).

Children stay safe and order is maintained.

You can practice obedience with a big extra job.

Healthy eating (ask permission before taking food).

Healthy bodies, regulated budget, and trust.

You can help overcome cravings by going without treats or snacks for one week.

Peaceful environment (quiet time at 8:00).

We can concentrate at reading time and rest at bedtime.

You can practice quiet time by going to bed early or being moved.

Plenty of rest (be in bed at bedtime).

Healthy, happy family!

Practice avoiding distractions by losing electronics and going to bed early for 2 days.


Anonymous said...

I love this! The Yu-Gi-Oh cards is a nice touch.

I hate to admit that Dean and I could learn a thing or two by following this chart (mainly the parts about bedtime and snacking).

Jennifer B. said...

So wise!

Andrea said...

This is brilliant. I may borrow it from you when my kids are old enough to understand.