Tuesday, March 02, 2010

AML Meeting

The AML Annual Meeting was fantastic. I think. I was actually running around more than usual and didn't get to sit through even one session all the way, but I think they were all good. From what I can gather.

Here's a link to Tyler Chadwick's fantastic report.

It's too bad, but the day is really a blur to me because I exhausted myself and then came home to That Envelope from BYU. But I really think it was a success. I especially enjoyed the reading at Charlotte England's house in the evening, and also meeting some people face-to-face like Tyler Chadwick, Larry Menlove, and Sandra Tayler. Great day. (Until the very end.)

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Tyler said...

Thanks for the link-love, Darlene. Here's a direct link to my session notes, just in case I post enough in the next little while that my AML 2010 posts get knocked off the front page.

The real highlight of the conference for me was meeting people I've only conversed with or read online: you, Angela Hallstrom, Stephen Carter, Patricia Karamesines, James Goldberg, Kathleen Dalton, Woodbury, Boyd Peterson, Gideon Burton. And my one regret is that I couldn't make it more of the sessions. If only there were two of me...