Monday, October 01, 2007

. . . and there was great rejoicing in the land.

Just wanted to share a few pockets of joy from today:

1) We were driving under the skywalk over Bangerter Highway and #4 asked how people get up there. So I parked the car and took him. It's made the highlights video of my life, watching that little four-year-old face up there above the world.

2) Don't you love being able to expose your kids to things you loved as a kid? Today my kids saw their first Muppet Show. (They've seen the movies, but no shows.) They couldn't believe their parents knew all the words to the opening song ("It's time to get things started . . ."). And get this: one of the episodes we got from the library had guest stars Mark Hamil, C3PO and R2D2 (who hijack the pigs' spaceship to rescue Chewbacca). C3PO actually tap-danced. Can you just picture that little family room with four boys glued to the screen? Feel the love, people. Feel the love.


Jennifer B. said...

I'm feelin' it. What a nice day!

Mark Brown said...

I know exactly what you mean right down to the very Muppets episode you wrote about. My kids and I discovered the Muppet Show episodes on DVD this last summer and it was a thrill to watch the old skits and jokes that I loved so much as a kid and see that my kids love them too. Thanks to the Muppets, my kids can now identify Elton John songs on the radio with no problem.